My "I'm a writer" website is www.bugthewriter.com

Instead of repeating what I've said there, enjoy some history that conveys my nerd cred.

At the University of Waterloo, I spent two years trapped in virtual reality. 

I solemnly swear that none of my psychological research involved electric shocks!

I snuck a camera into my dreams and asked a human-sized protozoan to snap this photo of me and Bender living the good life.

The Word Nerd website

Technology can do more than just lose your data or piss you off to the point of wanting to drowning it in soapy dishwater. Who knew? This site is overloaded (or will be over time!) with helpful articles about computers, software, and the internet.

Apparently all the fancy newfangled tech can be used to write FASTER and BETTER and to SUBMIT more work to more editors. 

I'm not talking about using Artificial Intelligence to scramble words. I'm not talking about building a robot to walk the earth and intimidate gatekeepers on your behalf. I'm talking about you, the writer, writing what's spinning through your Real Intelligence.

Bookmark this site and return often! Say hello on the socials, or email a question you want covered.