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Hello writers. For this first post, I want to cover the whys and wherefores of this site. But first, you may be wondering, "Who the heck is this guy?"


I am Brian U. Garrison. I write poetry for children, adults, and grand adults. I could show you the oodles of files scattered on my computer and cloud storage.  My digital storage is also cluttered with drafts of picture book manuscripts. Likewise, my email holds the multitude of rejection letters that arrive from agents and editors. But there's also good news! Some of my emails are acceptance letters from journal editors who liked my poetry. 

You may know about this charged process of submitting. If not, there are plenty of articles out there to get you on your way. That's not the focus of this site.

Write what you know

The idea for this site sparked when I was searching for a niche to fill in the blogosphere of writers. Stereotypes would tell you that us writer-types aren't very tech savvy. Well, you and I know that stereotypes are stupid. However, it's still true that writers need answers to tech questions, search for better ways to do their work, or maybe just want to nerd out about cool writing-specific technobabble. That's what I'm here for!

In addition to developing my writing, I have worked with computers a lot. The hours really add up if you include all the time playing Nintendo! Instead of tinkering with tech as a way to procrastinate on my creative writing, I figured I could spread knowledge among my fellow writers. 

Word Nerd

So, merging two of the nerdiest slices of my personality, here we are! It's wrd-nrd.com, the place where writers can learn and discuss the technology that helps turn our thoughts into readable publications.

As I said, poetry is currently the bulk of my writing. My first expansion was into a market where 40 pages is a long book and 50 words on a page is busy. Which is to say that an article comparing scrivener to other novel writing software is not my top priority. You already know this, but it's always worth recognizing again and again: everything I write will be shaded by who I am and my experiences. But, I'll eventually have to reach beyond articles about my own process or the posts will get real repetitive real quick.

Up next

Check back soon for the first tech posts, where I will cover some first details of clearing up storage space. Articles will typically cover device types separately: Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. I've used most systems, so don't be afraid to ask if you have a question.

What do you want to know? Say hello. Leave a note in the comments!

Brian, The Nerdiest

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  1. Welcome to blogging, Brian. It was good to see a new face on the SCBWI blogging thread, where I am a regular. I hope you stick to it, because just like the persistence needed for the writing to publish journey, blogging is also a road that gets better to navigate if you stay on it. And we could use tech support , us writerly types.

  2. Thanks for the welcome! I scope out the blue boards now and then. With this new endeavor, I hope it can help me stay more active in the community.

  3. Welcome, Brian! This sounds like such a good focus for a blog. I definitely need to learn more tech stuff as a writer. Looking forward to reading your future posts!

  4. Thanks Jenni. If you have questions or specific tech road blocks, feel free to email or tweet at me!


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