Google Keep, part 2

 What more can you do with Google Keep besides scribble a haiku? 

Turn handwriting into typed text (depending on your handwriting)

 After "drawing," you should test Google's eyesight. Can it read your writing? While in editing mode, click the three dots in the top right to access the menu.

You can use a stylus to write, but I have better control just using my pointer finger. I'm not sure why it read the black text so much better than my first attempt in blue...


Organize by label or color

You can label each note and archive them to keep the landing page/inbox section less cluttered. *Warning, if you're like me, this just means you'll probably never look at them again!

You can add the label or color while making a note, or from the landing page by long pressing on a note.

Add reminders

Are you too cool for calendars? Are you not already overwhelmed with how often your phone dings at you demanding attention? Add a reminder!

On the landing page: access the hamburger menu on the top left.

When you first click into a note (before you enter editing mode): press the bell at the top right.

Sync across devices

So you scribbled a handful of notes, captured the text into something you can quickly copy-paste, and labeled them all as "this poem will revamp poetry more than Howl or The Hill We Climb.

Go to and view all your notes on a computer. (You must be logged in with the same Google account).

Drop the text into your editor of choice, polish your verse, and prepare for fame and fortune!

Those are some of the basics for this basic note taking app! What other note apps have you found helpful (or unhelpful)?


  1. I have eleven years of Evernote jottings. It tells me my Writing > Poetry notebook alone contains 1828 notes.

  2. I think Evernote intimidated me with too many options! Keep seems like a low-key option with the basics, plus it didn't require any additional sign-in since Google is always ready to go.

    (I avoid Amazon, butwe all have to pick at least one megacorp to serve, right?)


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