Take Note

source: Eva Elijas

Old Fashioned 

I'm a fan of technology and computers, and I prefer to write by hand. Some people are dedicated to carrying around tiny notebooks so they can capture ideas that arrive while they're watching a GBBO contestant watch their oven.

But how can we combine tech & handwriting? Google Keep! In short, it's let's you take notes.

Get it

If your phone is smart enough, you can download the app and always have it in your pocket.

Notes can be typed (my thumbs aren't fast enough ). You can talk at your phone to record a message (if the sound of your recorded voice doesn't make you cringe). The voice recognition is pretty decent if you want to have it auto-convert voice to text. But my favorite is still the ability to write freehand.

Tinker with the settings to try different pen colors or thickness. Is your idea too big for one page? You can zoom in and write tiny, or you can add additional pages within the same note. 

Nerd Out

Let me know if you are as excited as I was when I first learned about it! Or share a haiku about a bird you spotted recently.


Seagulls, crows, and loons.
Squawking, flapping, and splashing.
Coastal orchestra.

Beware the Velobsteraptors!
image source: pexels/pixabay


  1. I love Keep. One of Google's better apps.

  2. Let's hope the app doesn't disappear like some of Google's other experiments.


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