Break for National Poetry Month

 I will be posting poems instead of articles to celebrate April. Enjoy! 

credit: WikiImages

Lousy Laptop Lament

You cursed machine
you ate my words!
They've dwindled like
the buffalo herds.

Shrinking. Fading.
POOF! They're gone.
A computery version of
How the West Was Won.

As Earth was scorched,
my muse was murdered.
Will a wild laptop
decapitate Word Nerd?

I'll cultivate.
I'll reconnect.
My clever words
I'll resurrect.

Wisdom from
across the ages:
Just keep writing.
Fill those pages!

by Brian U. Garrison

WARNING: Buffalos not recommended for laptop use.


  1. Cute, Brian. And I thought I was the one who sometimes swallowed my own words. ;)


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